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The Many Indies of IndieCade 2012

If you’re addicted to Indie Games like me, then IndieCade is a pretty big deal. The annual festival runs from Oct. 4-7, showcasing hand-picked Indies from all around the world. This year’s International Festival of Independent Games features dozens upon dozens of submissions across all genres, many of which are available for play at the event.

At IndieCade, developers from around the world come together to show off their creations and interact with the gaming community, allowing everyday gamers to meet their favorite Indie Game devs and try out some of the best titles on the market. It’s a place where gamers and devs alike come together to deliver something special; a community-driven event wherein independent gaming is celebrated and appreciated.

Below I’ve composed some of my favorite games featured in IndieCade 2012.

nomineeBlindside is an incredibly unique Indie that simulates what it’s like to be blind. Players take the persona of Case, who has woken up and found himself blind. With over a thousand unique sounds and effects, a distinctly original premise, and horror-infused gameplay, Blindside looks like a great Indie to add to your collection.

For more information visit Blindside‘s official website.


nomineeSubset Games’ little roguelike-like spacey mash-up FTL has always been one of my favorite Indies ever since I had the privilege to review it. Its ingenious use of in-game mechanics and musical score provide for an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience, and is definitely a must-have for your Steam library.

Check out Faster Than Light‘s official website for more info.


HawkenHawken from Adhesive Games is a free-to-play mech shooter with gorgeous graphics and a distinct futuristic style. Players compete online in a variety of team-based or competitive multiplayer matches, experiencing the thrills of a dystopian sci-fi war. Hawken also features Armor Core style part customization, allowing players to build their own mech as they see fit.

Be sure to check Hawken‘s official website for more info.


Hotline MiamiHotline Miami is what Grand Theft Auto might have looked liked on the NES…if a stick of dynamite were thrown into the mix. Keeping with the NES’ notorious motif of having difficult games, Hotline Miami throws players into impossibly hard ultraviolent situations where death is assured. The game’s old-school graphics and arcade elements make it one of the more appealing Indies, and it has received quite a bit of critical acclaim already. Check the official website for more info.


Papo & YoIn our Papo and Yo review, GT’s Louis Garcia exposed the game’s heartbreaking yet very realistic elements that many gamers can relate to on a personal level: “Though not a perfect game, the indie title explores new territory–and tells a haunting tale worth exploring.” With a distinct visual style and a heartfelt story, Papo and Yo is a unique Indie Game and deserves a nod.

Check Minority’s official website for more on Papo and Yo.


StorytellerStoryteller is one of those games that seems to define Indies in terms of its uniqueness. Making use of comic book-style squares with enjoyable bit-style visuals, Storyteller is a puzzle game where players build their own stories and see their masterpieces acted out by insanely cute in-game characters.

Be sure to check Ludomancy’s blog for more info on Storyteller.



Want to know what other games that are included in this year’s International Independent Games Festival? Check out the rest of IndieCade 2012’s submissions!

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