Published on September 28th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Demo Goes Live and We’ve Got the Gameplay to Prove it

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when people are cooling off from their rage of not being able to purchase the Marvel’s The Avengers-super-amazing-deluxe-extravaganza-set that has been sold out everywhere, they’ve at least got something to enjoy in the meantime. They can at least punch and kick just like Thor or Iron Man without having to bleed the bank.

In the demo, players embark to a level known as The Savage Land. The level is full of foliage, and our heroes meet in a jungle clearing to duke it out. The rest of the scenery is filled with vines and its very own T-Rex. The game hasn’t changed much from out hands-on demo prior to Gamescom and still makes me think it is going to be a great addition to the slowly halting Kinect library.

The demo features two playable heroes: The Hulk and Thor. This differs from our prior hands-on where only Iron Man and The Hulk were playable. Although we were able to play as different characters, there are still a few things about controlling each that I would change before the final product launches.

Swaying from side to side allows you to dodge enemy fire and blows. While it is fairly easy to sway either left or right, it does however stall in between movements. I would have liked to see a continuous movement while leaning in either direction. If this is something the developers think might be abused, why not lean left and then back right for a quick maneuver to dodge? If that can’t be done, maybe have the motion be continuous or the animation shouldn’t have such a long delay.

Another ability that allows for dodging shots is the character swap. This is done by raising your left hand to which sends your replacement flying in. The move is simple to do, but the action that identifies the move isn’t quite so clear. The blue left arm raised up swaps characters, which is in contrast to the right arm raised up for moves done with Hulk. During the heat of battle, I often found myself swapping characters rather than doing the move I wanted to. It is also something you can see in my gameplay above.

While these are minor gripes, the game is shaping up to be rather fun. Much like in the sport of tennis, getting a good volley can easily turn into challenging fun. The same can be said while dodging and returning hits in Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. When the actions are done right, besides the delay in dodging motion, it can be pretty fun to play.

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