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Published on September 26th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Glimpse into the Soul of a Killer in this Far Cry 3 ‘Savages’ Trailer

There is no doubt that Far Cry 3 is going drive players into the depths of insanity. Fortunately, we all know the game is packed with enough fire power to make a gun runner feel like a door-to-door cookie salesman.

The new trailer from Ubisoft gives us a glimpse into the island madness as we meet two of its inhabitants. How close is too close? For Vaas, he might already be sneaking up right behind you and planning which part of your hairline he should start peeling back.

Much like Vaas, Buck doesn’t like being without his preferred torture device. In Buck’s case, this comes in the form of an authentic Australian tool of the trade–his knife. Buck’s favorite pastime starts with your life, and ends with a Bowie. And no, we’re not talking about David.

While the island is sure to be filled with wild, deadly animals, the terror that awaits you seems far less forgiving than the teeth of a shark, or claws of a tiger. The next trailer lined up is titled “The Tribe” and looks to storm in with some deadly heat. Skip to the end of the ‘Savages’ trailer to view a few scenes, but why would you want to miss all of that brutally good action?

Character Profile-Vaas Montenegro

Character Profile-Buck

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