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Published on September 22nd, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

The Inner Debate: Why this Dude Pre-Ordered the Nintendo Wii U

Cliff B. from Game Freaks 365 and I recently discussed the trials and tribulations of getting a title on launch day.

With Nintendo yet again prepping to launch a new console, pre-orders for the Wii U Deluxe Set have been cancelled by some retailers due to the overwhelming demand for it.

While it may have been easy for some to go and pre-order the new console, others might not be as jazzed for the Wii part deux.

We’ve decided to declare this one “The Inner Debate.”

What makes you want to pre-order a console? Many times it’s simply being the first one on the block to own a new toy. When it came to the Nintendo Wii U,  pre-ordering the new console was an easy choice. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Nintendo fanboy, but I have long endeared the path of Nintendo consoles, only straying away for a PlayStation and skipping the original release of the Virtual Boy. Shudder.

So why am I going to get a Nintendo Wii U on launch day? This is also the same guy that paid $249.99 for the Nintendo 3DS on launch, heh.

The Nintendo Wii left a lot of room for anticipation. The new motion controls, even lacking graphical output, gave players a new way to enjoy games. There isn’t a feeling the describe the first time that I swung a bat in the baseball game The Bigs, or the first time my light katana sliced someone in half during No More Heroes.

While the games offered a unique experience there was something that was a pin prick away from providing a true next-gen experience. Fast forward a few years shy of a decade and a new Nintendo console is ready to launch. This time, the HD graphics are its backbone.

There are many things other than graphics that keep players on the console route. For Nintendo, those are the memorable characters that keep us coming back for more. From Super Mario to Kirby, Star Fox to Link, there are adventures to be had and now we’ve got the right platform to truly experience everything they’ve got.

Aside from the leap into the HD realm, Nintendo has rooted itself into the Entertainment game. The stronghold they’ve taken has its roots in the way people share information. How many times have you said something on Twitter/Facebook like, “Watching the full run of seasons for Heroes in one sitting. #hiroism” Now, these sharing options bring me face-to-face with what I do already. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brought on a new way to watch TV, Movies and Sports—but it looks like the Wii U TV has perfected them.

So, if you were to ask me, “Why did you order the Wii U? Better yet, why do you like Nintendo so much?”

It’s simple: Nintendo reinvents themselves and isn’t afraid to make mistakes. Again, Virtual Boy. Shudder. I think that they’ve got the leg up when it comes to tablet gaming, leaving behind Microsoft’s Smart Glass to be only an afterthought for movie watchers.

Nintendo, you’re doing it right.

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