Published on September 20th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Devil May Cry Screens Released at TGS 2012

This year’s Tokyo Game Show provides a massive influx of gaming news, giving gamers and journalists alike a veritable sea of new screenshots, videos, and content to satiate their curiosity and build anticipation. Capcom’s fifth installment in the critically acclaimed Devil May Cry series, DmC, is shaping up to be an impressive-looking game that keeps the signature action-infused gameplay along with a fresh new visual style that defines the title.

Check below for an impressive array of new screenshots that show off Dante plowing through enemies with Eryx, a new set of powerful demonic gauntlets that are infused with incredible dark power.

[nggallery id=862]

DmC will be available on January 15, 2013.For more information on Capcom’s next installment in the Devil May Cry franchise please visit their official website.

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