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Published on September 15th, 2012 | by Danny Concepcion, Contributor

Nintendo gives NYC Zelda fans a taste of the Symphony of the Goddesses

On Sept. 14, dedicated Zelda fans waited outside the Nintendo World Store in New York for hours to hear an intimate concert featuring music from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour. According to Julio Sarmiento, the very first person in line, some groups even started camping out a day prior. To no one’s surprise, Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson, the first person to purchase both the Nintendo Wii and 3DS in America, was part of the first group.

The first fans in line, from right to left: Julio Sarmiento, Julian Keller, Michael Marangoni and Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson

The event kicked off with an ocarina workshop conducted by YouTube star David “Docjazz” Ramos, known for posting ocarina covers of popular songs. He introduced attendees to various types of ocarinas, and even gave a few quick lessons.

Ocarinist David “Docjazz” Ramos (right) showing off some ocarinas.

While the orchestra began setting up, fans got to meet and take pictures with famous Link cosplayer Li Kovacs, as well as pick up exclusive event swag. And if they weren’t interested in any of that, then there were plenty of Wii booths running The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Some fans quickly claim their spots at the front while the orchestra set up.

Cosplayer Li Kovacs posing with a fan.


Composer Eimear Noone (center) with the rest of the orchestra.

The band, led by composer Eimear Noone, played several brand new arrangements, and concluded with The Legend of Zelda‘s main theme. Once the show was over, fans were able to get their swag and ocarinas autographed by the show’s creators.

Left to right: Ocarinist David Romas, Producer Jeron Moore, Director Chad Seiter and Composer Eimear Noone

Similar to the 25th Anniversary concerts, various scores from the Zelda series will be played with a full orchestra. Although not picking up all tunes from the series, there are however a few–such as Link’s Awakening, the Oracle series and Majora’s Mask–that will be played during the Symphony of the Goddesses tour that weren’t played during the anniversary concerts.

You can hit the gallery below for more photos of the event. Interested in going to one of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert? GAMINGtruth has got you covered right here.

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