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Published on September 13th, 2012 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Here’s Our Brief Gears of War Judgement “Free for All” Preview

When I got word that People Can Fly was trying its hands with the development of the next Gears of War installment, I must admit I had some quarrels. The story couldn’t be that hard to mess up, seeing as its a prequel, and it’s being penned by solid writers from the previous games. And, not to mention, the team is getting some mentoring by Gears of War creative director Cliff Bleszinski.

I have heard of some of the different things they were going to try out with the multiplayer and, while in San Antonio, I got a chance to try my hands on the much talked about “Free for All” multiplayer mode.

Imagine playing a Gears game where there are eight different players, and it is every man for himself. At the starting lobby, you get to choose whether you want to start with a retro lancer, lancer or hammer burst, only. You read that right–no shotgun. The gnasher and sawed-off shotty are now power weapons. You will have to locate them within the map if you want to use them. Same goes with the other weapons.

We only got a chance to play one map, which was like a large library that was half destroyed. It seems that they made the maps larger to accommodate for the eight-player carnage that was happening. Many times I found myself chasing down someone that was in a battle with someone else, only to have my body blown apart by someone coming from a different corridor.

Setting up grenade traps is possible, and seems to work really well on this game mode as no one knows where there are traps planted because there are no teams.

Just in playing the game’s multiplayer I am pleased to say that even with a different development team working on the title, there is still a lot of old style Gears associated with Judgment.

The controls have not changed and shouldn’t do much to deter veteran players from the game’s pride and joy, the versus multiplayer modes. If anything, People Can Fly and Epic are giving us bit more to the already plentiful game modes.

Gears of War Judgement is due to hit store shelves March 2013.

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