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Published on September 9th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast

As humans, we often fancy ourselves in the “what if” of life and its quarrels. Whether it is something that could have been, or the loss of a loved one too soon–the human imagination is left to wander.

Thirteen years ago I was just like any other teenager. As I geared up for middle school I always remembered to bring my favorite gaming mag and couldn’t wait to talk video games with my friends. When word broke about the new Sega console, it wasn’t long before I was saving every penny and mowing lawns to ensure my future purchase.

My friends would continue to talk about the console and future games, particularly concerning the buzz surrounding E3 before the Dreamcast’s launch. At the time, we had even exhausted countless hours at our local Toys”R”Us store playing the thumbsticks off the Dreamcast demo unit.

What if I never purchased my Sega Dreamcast?

At the time I was a diehard PlayStation fan having left the comfort zone of Nintendo. What if I never played Sonic Adventure, Resident Evil: Code Veronica or even Power Stone? Who would I be today? Would I appreciate retro gaming or even current gaming as much as I do now? Would I even game?

Even though the Sega Dreamcast had succumbed to many modern day faults, it did however teach me a few things about life. It might be fun to question the “what ifs” and to continue to ponder, but it also great to appreciate those who have paved the way for others.

On this day, dear buddy, we salute you. Happy birthday, Dreamcast.

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