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Published on September 5th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Mass Effect 3 – Operation: Vigilance to Go Down This Weekend

If buying a house and raising orphans in Skyrim: Hearthfire isn’t your thing, or if you’re a PS3 owner, then I think I may know a way for you to spend this upcoming weekend.

The next multiplayer weekend for Mass Effect 3 will take place this weekend starting Sept. 7, and continues to the end of Sept. 9.

The goals for your squad are simple: complete the mission up to, and including, wave 10 without using a consumable. That means no medi-gel, no ammo, no Ops pack and definitely, no Cobra missile launcher. Good luck.

The Allied goal is to complete 250,000 escort missions, at any difficulty, before the weekend is up.

Alright, enough about the details, let’s talk goodies! Completing the individual (Squad) goal rewards a Commendation Pack. Achieving the Allied goal will reward all players with a Victory Pack.

Now that you know the stakes and the rewards, get locked and loaded for another epic Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekend.

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