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Quick, to the eShop! SpeedX Offers Rhythm for Toki Before Goin’ AWALNATION

Ah, another week enjoying digital titles. Many of you might be doing so from the humongous screen of your Nintendo 3DS XL. The rest of us will just have to wait until someone gifts it to us, or we splurge and buy a whole new console. In the meantime, we still have plenty of games to play on our tiny screens. But first–let the music take control.

AWALNATION is bringing yet another quite silly music video. Hopefully we will see the abominable snowman again. Speaking of music…

Release Date: August 30, 2012
Publisher: Gamelion
Price: $3.99

Watching the trailer already had me lost in the tunneling world. The graphics are lookin’ pretty smooth even though it is just a bunch of cel-shaded blocks and soothing electronic music. Hopefully this will calm you down as you pick up speed and barrel into a long block after several near death experiences.

The game will feature four game modes–Stages, Endless, Survival, and Zones–in order to challenge your reaction to both music and obstacles.

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The game has made believers out of gamers who didn’t think a rhythm based Final Fantasy game would be worth its salt. Now, the game has surpassed expectations and has even gone as far as to release downloadable content into the Nintendo eShop. If you are one of those non-believers, then check out the demo that is releasing into the eShop today.

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Release Date: Aug 30, 2012
Category: Puzzles, Platformer
Publisher:Two Tribes

This obscure puzzle-platformer will no doubt have you running like a chicken with your head…on a swivel. Avoid monsters and other nefarious creatures by outrunning and tricking them. Hopefully you can save your kidnapped brothers and sisters before they become scrambled eggs.

The game originally released on the Game Boy Color in 2001, which doesn’t seem that long ago to some, but many don’t realize that makes it a decade old. It has gained a nice following, even releasing a sequel as Nintendo WiiWare.

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Other honorable mentions include Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D (eShop) and Escape the Virus: Shoot ‘Em Up!(eShop/DSiWare).

Quick, to the eShop! is your one stop shop for the weekly rundown of Nintendo downloadable titles

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