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Published on August 30th, 2012 | by Andre Gamble, Contributor

Kojima Productions Announces Two New Metal Gear Solid Games and Movie

Today, Konami and Kojima Productions showcased the current and next generation Fox Engine–and this wasn’t even the biggest news for the event. Konami also announced new Metal Gear Solid games, and the resurrection of the Metal Gear Solid movie.

First up: Metal Gear Solid is going Hollywood. The next attempt at a Metal Gear Solid film is being taken by Columbia Film & Sony Films. Avi Arad has been named the film’s producer. You may remember his name being associated with many successful Marvel films, along with the Mass Effect and Uncharted films that never got off the ground.

The first game will be made available on the Japanese mobile social service, GREE. The game will be titled Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops and promises graphics as good as the PSP games. This title however is being made with the Unity engine.

Finally, the next Metal Gear Solid game being made with the Fox Engine is titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The open-world Metal Gear game was running on a PC with current gen hardware during the presentation. Kojima said that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is a “game without game overs”. The demo seemed to have really impressed the members of the press that were invited to the event. So far there isn’t any video from the event, only an image which can be seen here on the left.

Source: Gamespot

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