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Published on August 24th, 2012 | by Andre Gamble, Contributor

Xbox 360 to Receive Resident Evil 6 DLC First

According to the Japanese Xbox 360 twitter feed, the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 6 will be getting downloadable content before its PlayStation 3 brethren. The tweet was originally posted on 3:40AM on Friday August 24.

This isn’t a big surprise as Microsoft has been trying to appease Japanese gamers for years with exclusive Role Playing Games (RPG), exclusive DLC, and limited edition console bundles. To be honest, this deal will not get Japanese gamers to finally “jump in”.

The wording in the image has been roughly translated to the following:

“The Xbox 360 version of Biohazard 6 also has pre-delivery of DLC planned. Don’t miss any future information!”

The “pre-delivery” might mean something along the lines of pre-order downloadable content. The content truly getting lost in translation.

Source: Xbox Japan Twitter Page

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