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Published on August 24th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Get Your Bloody Red Backpack Back in this ZombiU Developer Trailer

It’s easy to see that if you will be picking up a Nintendo Wii U on day one, ZombiU will more than likely be your first title. The games Senior Producer, Guillaume Brunier, offers up some intriguing reasons as to why you should play.

The game offers something different for the survival horror fanatic. Much like other zombie games out there, the everyday city scene has been overrun by an infection that causes its victims to go insaniac-in-the-brainiac. In the case of ZombiU, there is a catch. You only live once. Damn me if I ever type YOLO into an article. Wait. Damnit.

Most of the content seen in the trailer has been shown at E3 2012 and beyond. At least this time it is a bit different having the concept and features explained and not having to guess at it ourselves. The series does however look to bring in a few new scenes as the next short trailer for the series “In the Eye of ZombiU” is titled “London: A City of Blood and Fire–the story of ZombiU.”

You can check out our most recent hands-on with the game, which was right before gamescom 2012 kicked off. Also check out our first hands-on with the title from E3 2012. Keep an eye out as retailers have already begun the pre-order process for Nintendo Wii U titles.

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