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Published on August 22nd, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Massive Diablo III 1.04 Patch Now Live

The players have spoken, Blizzard has listened. What is perhaps the most anticipated patch for Diablo III, patch 1.04 is now live and brings a host of new changes which target many of the issues surrounding Blizzard’s premiere action RPG.

The patch brings many bug fixes, which is typical for updates. But it also addresses issues regarding lame legendary items, some tweaks to the auction house and adds what is perhaps the most interesting thing of all, paragon levels. As Diablo players know, once you hit 60, all there is left to do is play some Inferno mode, the highest difficulty mode, and go loot hunting. However, many players have felt dissatisfied with the humdrum smash ‘n’ grab that the game had generally become.

But paragon will hopefully make things far more interesting.

With this latest patch, once you hit level 60 all experience gained will go toward paragon levels. There are 100 paragon levels total, and with each level reached you will be given points toward your character’s core stats such as dexterity, strength, etc. Much like you would with the regular levels.

And there’s a kicker: with each level you will be given 3 percent Magic Find and 3 percent Gold Find, up to a cap of 300*. Not too shabby if you ask me.

There is a lot more, so for the rest of the patch notes hit the link here: 1.04 Patch

*Nephalem Valor bonuses will stack beyond this cap

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