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Published on August 11th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Gateways, the Portal-Influenced Puzzle Game, Available for PC Now, Steam and XBLIG in September

Smudged Cat Games, developer of The Adventures of Shuggy, have announced that Gateways is heading for a September 13 release date on Steam, Desura and XBLIG (Xbox LIVE Indie Games).

Gateways is the game created after someone looks at Portal and asks, what else can we do with a gun that breaks the laws of physics? In the world of Gateway, Ed the inventor not only uses his gateway gun to move through areas, but also change his size, reverse gravity and even control the very fabric of time itself.

The game looks retro and sports some nice animation and color. The world itself is of a “Metroidvania” design, which means that its completely open for exploration with areas that can only be accessed based on current equipment.

Check out the gameplay trailer below then go and try out the Gateway PC demo located at the official website.

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