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Published on August 8th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Going Deep With Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Developer: BioWare
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC
Release Date: TBA

BioWare has finally put a hold on multiplayer downloadable content (DLC) for its RPG magnum opus, Mass Effect 3, and is prepping the release of the game’s first second downloadable single-player mission pack. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan will send Commander Shepard to new planets across the Milky Way as he hunts down a being called the Leviathan, a creature rumored to have the power to kill Reapers.

[Correction: From the Ashes was the first downloadable single-player content pack. Sorry for the mistake.]

Last week I got the chance to once again walk in the giant space boots of Commander Shepard at EA’s Summer Showcase with a short Leviathan demo.

The demo started off with cutscene, in which we watch as a scientist pours over a large spherical artifact related to the Leviathan. His studies are cut short when his assistant pulls out a gun and fires, killing the man instantly. Only moments pass before Shepard walks in with two security guards.

We soon learn that perhaps this Leviathan doesn’t want to be found. EDI, Commander Shepard’s AI companion, discovers that the assistant was under a type of mind control similar to the Reaper’s indoctrination. Hmm, was Leviathan built with Reaper technology? Or was it designed by the Catalyst as some sort of prototype Reaper? At this point we certainly don’t know what Leviathan truly is, but it becomes clear that the creature could be related to the Reapers in some way.

The demo continues further down the Leviathan story on a water-covered planet that EA staff wouldn’t name. All we were told is that this is a new planet that hasn’t been featured in Mass Effect 3 before.

We land on a derelict ship which was lying a little on its side. Other ships, some in worse condition, were scattered around the area like an ocean freighter dumping ground. Since we started out right on the ship I didn’t pick up on why we landed there. However, I found the same spherical artifacts on the deck of the ship, so there was definitely a reason for Shepard to be amongst the wreckage.

Gyargh! There be husks on the port bow!

However it quickly became apparent that someone didn’t want him there. The Reaper horde made its appearance in effort to halt Shepard’s progress, and as husks and brutes charged my way I took a defensive position. But I wasn’t alone. I took the time to become better acquainted with one of the DLC pack’s two bonus weapons, the M-55 Argus.

[Note: Both the M-55 Argus and AT-12 Raider are given as bonus weapons to those who purchase Leviathan. However, the weapons are not new. The M-55 Argus was made available to those who pre-purchased Mass Effect 3 and the other bonus gun, the AT-12, was given to players who bought the game on PC via EA’s Origin service.]

The Argus is a medium to short range rifle that fires in bursts and works pretty well in silencing those pesky husks. Though the gun worked fairly well, the real prize during the fight was the powerful Triton ADS mech suit. The Triton is similar to the Cerberus Atlas mech but doesn’t wear the organization’s colors.

After hammering away at the few remaining brutes with machine gun and rocket fire, it was time to take my new ride for a dive. Leviathan will truly take Shepard to new places–and in this case, far under the ocean.

I watched as Shepard inched the slow, heavy behemoth toward the edge of the ship’s dock. With a not so graceful jump, Shepard hit the water and sank over a mile into inky blackness of the ocean below. Only one or two jokes based on “The Abyss” were allowed to be uttered before the EA rep stepped in to tell us that the rest of the demo was off limits, and ended the game. Man…right when it was getting good.

Final Truth:

Though I wasn’t able to experience as much of Leviathan as I had hoped, I was happy with what I played. The EA rep there told me that I hadn’t experienced everything the pack will offer. Besides the story section and combat there will be a good emphasis on exploration as well.

We still don’t know when Mass Effect 3: Leviathan will be ready to download. Judging by how good the demo looked I’d say a late 2012 release is promising, but we don’t know for sure. Either way, I look forward to strapping back in and finding out exactly what awaits Commander Shepard at the bottom of the ocean. Let’s just hope that it’s friendly.

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