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Published on August 8th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

A Brief Talk About ME3: Leviathan with BioWare Producer Michael Gamble

We recently got to talk to Michael Gamble, producer at BioWare, about the upcoming single-player content pack for Mass Effect 3, titled Leviathan. The pack is not dated just yet, but Gamble was more than willing to give us a tidbit of information on the release at EA’s Summer preview Showcase. Though the interview is short, we made sure to get the main points of Leviathan and how the story ties into the overall Mass Effect 3 campaign, as well as how it may affect the ending.

GAMINGtruth: In your own words, what is Mass Effect 3: Leviathan?

Michael Gamble: Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is our first big single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3. It involves Commander Shepard and his crew basically chasing a rumor throughout the galaxy–this mysterious creature called Leviathan. The rumor is that Leviathan can actually take down a Reaper by himself and because of that, Commander Shepard gets swept up in this whirlwind, and he goes from planet to planet trying to seek out Leviathan.

GT: When can you access the Leviathan content?

MG: Mass Effect 3: Leviathan takes place during Mass Effect 3 and in the main game campaign. It’s an adventure that you can start to play from nearly at the beginning of the game to anywhere near the end.

GT: How is it initialized?

MG: Like a lot of our DLCs, Commander Shepard will get an email or SOS beacon from someone telling him to a certain location throughout the galaxy. He will go there and the DLC will basically start then.

GT: Does Leviathan do anything to change the ending of Mass Effect 3?

MG: I wouldn’t say that Leviathan changes the ending of Mass Effect 3 at all, but I would say that the information provided in Leviathan, the context you get in Leviathan, will give players a greater understanding of the ending of Mass Effect 3 and there’s also a couple of Easter eggs if you have the Extended Cut — which kind of works with Leviathan as well.

GT: Will we see any additional items or upgrades with Leviathan?

MG: Yeah. There’s two new weapons within Leviathan, and you can get those weapons and use them.

GT: Is there anything about Leviathan that people should know but maybe aren’t talking about just yet?

MG: Leviathan really showcases the origin of the Reapers, where the Reapers came from and what they’re doing in the galaxy. I think that’s a big piece of information that fans are really looking forward to getting and so I think Leviathan presents that.

GAMINGtruth would like to thank Michael Gamble for taking some time to talk to us during a busy showcase.

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