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Published on August 7th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Two New Free Events Come to SSX Today

Believe it or not, SSX is still alive and kicking. I can’t say I’ve picked the title up much after its release, but something tells me that this newly releasing content will spark me to pick up my board again and hit the slopes.

Even if I haven’t been enjoying the tricky style of the game lately, that doesn’t mean no one else has. Since its launch, riders have dropped into the SSX world more than 200 million times and have accounted for over 18 million completed runs. I guess this would account for the over 67 billion credits due to geotagging. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this feature, it is a way to mark your territory amongst the game’s vast mountain tops and slopes by leaving a “tag” in various locations. Sometimes, these locations can be in crazy hard to reach spots that seem like you could only reach them via rocket backpack.

One addition that will be hitting the free downloadable content pack is the installment of the 3-2-1-Go! Event‘s. These races will pit five racers at one time to Trick and Race it out in these heats. A time will be counting down while you attempt to inflate your score and deflate the competition in speed. This sets up a different scene than the other Global Events that are already in place in the online realm for the title.

If you were looking for some other spacious and gracious ways to explore the terrain, then the Freeride mode will open up the SSX world, bro. If you just want to become one with the mountain or explore those hard to reach spots, then you will have this free time to hit the slopes without any distractions. There won’t be any other riders, ghosts, or guides to tear you away from some quality “me” time in the hills.

The update launches today. So dust off your boots and jump into your ‘copter for a lift up Mount Kilimanjaro.

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