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Published on August 7th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Leaked Halo 4 Footage Shows Off the Spartan Laser

For those of you hoping to see the return of the Spartan Laser weapon in Halo 4, I got some good news. This leaked footage shows off the weapon in action, promptly disintegrating a Warthog-like vehicle in one shot.

Like the Spartan Lasers from previous games, Halo 4‘s laser takes some seconds to recharge before releasing a destructive beam of red light. If the gun is still true to form, which we are sure it is, it should still be able to take out most vehicles in one hit as well as liquefying enemies, or multiple enemies if they are struck by the beam while standing side-by-side.

In previous games the laser was a rare find in the campaign but a common sight in vehicle-based multiplayer maps.

As Halo 4 draws closer to release we will no doubt see more of the Spartan Laser and other weapons. Until then, feel free to keep watching the video below.

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