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Published on July 26th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Hard Reset: Exile DLC Review

Platform: PC via Steam
Release Date: July 11, July 23, 2012 with the Extended Edition
Developer: Flying Wild Hog Studios
Price: Free with Hard Reset Extended Cut (US $14.99)

Downloadable content can set out to fulfill multiple goals. It brings new content to existing games, and in some cases, provides a deeper explanation of the storyline’s conclusions. Whether it is new maps for multiplayer action, or character skins for looks, DLC can play a large role in the success of a franchise.

Often times, games release extended editions and bring in those additional content packs. In the case of Hard Reset and its DLC pack titled Exile, the extended edition includes the content and rings in for nothing short of a must own. Check out our original review by clicking here.

If you are not familiar with Hard Reset, it follows protagonist Jason Fletcher on his journey filled with relentless onslaughts of enemy machine hordes. It takes place in a cyberpunk-esque city called the Bezoar and the DLC will only take you further. The game pays tribute to old school PC shooters, where many would argue, solidified the mouse and keyboard combo as essential tools in playing these types of games.

Explore upgrades between your assault rifle and plasma gun while exploring the world around you for hidden areas and experience points. Use the environment to kill those creatures who want nothing more than to blow the brains out of your circuitry. This expedition into the depths of the city will hopefully provide Major Fletcher with the necessary information to stop the machine intrusion.

As mentioned before, the additional content takes you on a journey outside the Bezoar. With that being said, we get to see more of the war torn world that isn’t just the gritty-city. We also learn quite a bit about the ongoing war against the machines and what exactly those rusty rats are up to. The newly added levels are Entrance, Coliseum, Flood gate, Airdrop and Overseer.

The game itself offers up some of the most challenging first-person shooter gameplay on the market. It steps back into traditional shoes with relentless enemy waves, uniquely augmented weaponry, and some epic boss battles. When I say epic, I mean strenuous–yet accomplishing when conquered.

The Exile content brings on a few new levels to the somewhat concluded storyline in the main game. We get lush environments, to grimy metal heaps, all just right outside the Bezoar and its cyberpunk city walls. There are new enemies, such as the futuristic hovering cruisers lined with ammunition, to the various bug-like creatures buzzing down on the ground.

If you didn’t quite fully upgrade your weaponry from the regular storyline, this will give you the opportunity to continue on with them. It’s fun to test out that new projectile rocket launcher or make the complete set of upgrades to your N.R.G weapon. It leaves you open to grab those missed achievements and bring on the feel goods of new ones.

If you didn’t think the game could get any more challenging, it reaches a levels of overwhelming madness during the latter parts of the DLC pack. In a room full of mechanic crushers, if you don’t dance the dance, your brains will splatter and paint the walls a lovely coat of fail. Much of the other levels offer the same challenging gameplay as the regular in the storyline. Tight spaces and limited mobility make the enemy confrontations even more challenging. It is tough to describe these without giving too much of the story away, particularly considering the current war and how the DLC shapes this.

Final Truth:

After playing through both the game and then the additional content pack, I can say that Hard Reset: Extended Cut is a must own. The game chimes in at US $14.99 and worth it for the extra gameplay. If you picked it up on the Steam sale for US $3.75, which in most places, is cheaper than a gallon of gas, then you got the ultimate deal. There is enough gameplay here to justify the price, and outside the standard game, there are also new survival maps and offers a bit more into the games main storyline.

Many complained that the lack of multiplayer was a detriment to the overall experience. While it is almost essential in this day and age of gaming, it is not necessary, especially when a title brings so much else with it. No game has frustrated, er, I mean challenged me this much in a while. It kept me on my toes, both hating and loving the machine’d militias, and enjoyed every minute of it.

My Screen Caps
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Provided Screen Caps
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[xrr label=”Rating: 9.5/10″ rating=9.5/10]

+ Price (Who can beat $ Free.99 ?)
+ Adds five new levels to the game
+ Additional Achievements
+/ Back story
No new weapons upgrades

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Windows 7
  • CPU: Pentium4 compatible with 2,5 GHz+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 GS or Radeon HD3870 compatible with 512 MB RAM
  • HDD: 4 GB

My PC: AMD Athalon II X2 220, GeForce GTS 450, 8GB RAM

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