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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Holy F-Bomb! Check out these Trials Evolution User Created Tracks

Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to ride through the blazing gates of hell on a motorbike. Okay, maybe you haven’t, but in a fictional world of physics based gameplay–I would.

The follow up title to Trials HD delivered nothing less than a “10/10” here at GAMINGtruth. So, what can you really do to improve on something so perfect? It looks like Trials developer RedLynx, Ltd. has done just that by giving users the tools to create. After letting the content grow and flourish, the game now boasts over “100,000 tracks using the in-game editing tools.” These can be found of course at Track Central in the menu.

At times, many steer clear of user created content in fear of some podunk knockoff of real content. Some of the most creative and fun maps I’ve played in Halo Reach were user created. Although it might not be a fair comparison, I’m sure the trailer below with change your mind about what those users can do.

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