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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by Jamie Lynn O'Dell, Contributor

Editorial: Is Gaming a Men’s Club Only?


I could end the article right now if I wasn’t currently filled with the rage of Dante.  In my case I’m not fighting my way through the nine circles of Hell, I’m fighting my way through the nine layers of dude-bro gamer douchebags who feel that women should have to justify their love of gaming by means of proof.

Listen. I game. I game a lot. I game more than you and I will beat all of you at every game (I wrote that sentence for the commenters *wink*).  I also have baloobas and a cha-cha.  Who cares?  Apparently a lot of super elite male gamers do because the sexy sexpot talented actress, author and comedian, Aisha Tyler, felt like she needed to justify her gaming habits to these asshats recently.

For those of you not in the know, Miss Tyler hosted the recent Ubisoft briefing at E3, along with Toby Turner.   Aisha isn’t just a huge lifelong fan of gaming, she has done voice work for Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 amongst a ton of other industry things that I could only dream of being a part of.  She is amazing and an awesome symbol of women gaming excellence in a sea of gaming bros.  She just so happens to have been in a shit ton of movies and television shows as well (I personally fell in love with her when she played Charlie Wheeler on Friends).  Oh yeah, and she’s freaking beautiful.

Two Tyler pictures in one day? Not too bad.

It’s apparent that even though she has a die-hard passion for los juegos (Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish!), Aisha clearly forgot that hot girls aren’t allowed to play video games, nor speak of them, EVER.  Especially in front of a crowd at E3. Her bad.  Barf.

Aisha’s recently gotten a bit of flack for hosting the Ubisoft briefing, it seems.  The hating is typical because A) She has a cha-cha B) She has baloobas and C) She’s a hot chick.

If you haven’t read Aisha’s open letter to “Gamers” on her Facebook page, please take a second to survey the awesome.  Not only does she mention she played Galaga after school as a kid and duel-wielded (nasty) on Time Crisis 3 (I came dangerously close to beating TC3 the other day at the arcade *shakes fists*), she also writes with a hell of a lot of passion about her love for all things gaming.  If after reading the rant, you think anything other than, “Oh wow, this incredible beautiful strong intelligent female who is killer funny, likes video games just as much as I do! How awesome!”, then you are all idiots.

The rant Aisha wrote was justified but I’m annoyed that she had to write it at all.  Or that for even for one brief moment she felt like she needed to explain her history of gaming and how big a part of her life it is.

When was the last time you read an article by a guy who felt like he had to explain his love for video games?  Never.  You’ve never read that article because it’s written in the man-law handbook that video games are for men and the industry is dominated by all things that wield a penis.


You know the reason why you doubt chick gamers?  Because the only chicks you deem worthy enough into your boys-only sausage fest, are the scantily clad fake gamer girls at your conventions and press events.  Or the random hire-a-model who begrudgingly puts on that Lara Croft outfit and struts around E3 like she cares.

Guess what?  She doesn’t care.  What she does care about, is that you are paying money for whatever it is she is shilling out to you doe-eyed misogynists who think a woman’s place is only in the kitchen, not sniping fools from a broken window in Call of Duty (I suck hard at sniping).  I for one would like to pause from cooking you that amazing lasagnas and shove my spatula straight up your Xbox.

Instead of allowing girls into your man-club with open arms and erect Wiimotes, you instead feel the need to break us down, piece by piece, until there isn’t a woman gamer in sight.  Who wants that?  I don’t.  As a chick, I want every single girl I know to play video games with me. I want to discuss the latest Twilight Novels (not really) with my babe friends while blowing through a Halo campaign together.  Me, as a straight female, seem to want girls to game more than the dudes do.  How is that possible?

You tell me.  Is it that you don’t want to be able to play a match of COD after a hot night of steamy sexy sex with your lady friend?  Do you not want to be able to adorn your apartment with Metal Gear Solid posters and not have your girlfriend bitch about it?  Are you not interested in meeting some awesome chicks at a gaming convention who love gaming as much as you?  The same girls who think there is nothing sexier than a guy who can dominate in some multiplayer Domination and don’t care that you haven’t changed your shirt in three days (neither have I…)?

For guys who game a lot, you certainly have no game.

Instead of barking at women who say they like playing video games, embrace the vagina of it all.  The more girls that game, the better chances you have of landing a super awesome chick who has fun doing what YOU love!  And the better chances that us gaming chicks have at meeting you awesome gaming dudes who share the same passion.  I don’t care if she only likes playing RPG’s, FPS, MMORPG’s, Sports Games or Viva f’ing Pinata.  You embrace her and you embrace her hard.

Like it or not, girls are into video games too and we aren’t going anywhere so you might as well get used to it.


-Jamie Lynn O’Dell

A proud girl gamer since 1986.

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