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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

E3: Project P-100, Like Pikmin But With Giant Robots, and It’s as Fun as It Sounds

Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii U
Release Date: TBA 2012

When the first footage of Platinum Games’ latest game, code-named “Project P-100”, hit the ‘net it made a fairly good splash. Out of many of the games demonstrated on the Wii U so far, P-100 has stood out as a possible “must-have” title.

Storming the Nintendo booth at E3 last week, I got to check out the game for myself and I was pretty happy with what I saw.

It’s pretty easy to draw comparisons to the Pikmin franchise with P-100. The game’s camera is situated high above the action and the game’s hero character has the ability to recruit NPCs into his swarming minions who do anything for him including mass overwhelm enemies or even becoming his weapons.

The Wii U controller is used primarily as a touch pad where certain shapes can be drawn using your finger for special actions. Drawing a circle creates a rainbow loop on-screen which is used to recruit new heroes. Using your power, shown as a small, slowly recharging, battery on the top-left of your HUD, you can draw one of three weapons with the heroes you’ve gathered including a gun, by drawing a shape like a sharp-angled “r”, and a sword, which is formed by drawing a long straight line.

Drawing weapons forces your followers to form into the weapon, connected by a translucent shell, or what the guy at the demo station next to me called a “Jell-O mold with dudes inside.” Out of all the weapons, I found that the sword was easily the strongest. Attacking enemies and machines seemed to go down quickly as I swung my enormous blue “people sword.”

Beware my blue sword of justice and, well, tiny people!

The gun was harder to use since it could only fire straight ahead, and it was slow so I wasn’t able to take out much damage. However, in the demo I fought mainly against close-range targets. I’m sure the gun will have its uses against enemies who prefer the long-range route.

The action in P-100 is fairly fast paced but a whole lot of fun. Taking out hordes of robots with a skyscraper-tall sword never got old.

The first part of the demo took me and my army through the city streets, fighting robots large and small. The heroes you can pick up are actually simple townsfolk that are rallied to your cause in order order to save their town. Special heroes can also be picked up and they will give the player special abilities. Though when I asked I was told that Platinum is still working on what abilities are given.

The second stage involved a giant boss battle that took part mostly on the machine’s arms. After destroying three weak points on one arm, the game had me create a human chain to the next arm by drawing a line across the gap using the touch pad.

Final Truth:

So far, Platinum’s Project P-100 is shaping up to be a pretty fun little game. I don’t believe that the game would have been impossible to play with out the touch pad. In fact, I’m sure it can be enjoyed with just a standard controller as well. Regardless, the game was pretty fun and as the demo timer ticked to zero, all I really wanted was to keep playing.

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