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Published on June 7th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

E3: Nintendo Wii U Controller Pro Hands-on Impressions

After the Wii U Pro Controller was introduced at E3, gamers everywhere let out a huge sigh of relief. Some glad that they had a more traditional controller to embark on the Wii U journey with, and others were glad they didn’t have to always play with the Wii U Gamepad.

The second day of E3 brought on some soreness of the legs and sleep deprivation. My groggy state was immediately sharpened and eased after heading to the Nintendo booth for some alone time with a scantily clad controller and the Ubisoft launch title, ZombiU.

I found that the Wii U Controller Pro was a comfortable counterpart to the Wii U Gamepad. They both share different purposes in ZombiU, but do not hinder the single player campaign. It sets its sights on traditional gaming expectations, which is something that the Wii itself was limited to during its lifespan.

Unlike the Wii Classic controller, we now have a rounder, fuller shaped gamepad to throw with rage. I’m only kidding about the throwing part. The design fits more comfortably for hours of gaming, but also I found the controller sturdy, yet light. It had a recharging port similar to the PlayStation 3’s Dual Shock, which fits the USB mini cord. The device was also similar in weight. This was a definite plus over the Xbox 360 controller which easily becomes bogged down by the batteries.

The button layout was the only thing that I found clumsy. This has been partially due to my Xbox 360 gaming preferences. The sticks are not offset like with the 360, but the controller sits a tad bit wider and flatter.

The ‘RZ’ and ‘LZ’ looked like triggers, but felt like buttons. This made it rather easy to mash to fire, easily unloading the pistol and shotgun quickly. The directional pad does nothing less than represent what gamers have wanted for years. It fits the controller perfectly and looks to be my go to choice for fighting games.

The face of the controller also indicates the Home and Power buttons. The back of the controller has a sync and reset pinhole button. There are indicators on the front which show you which player slot you have been synced into.

One other note that I’d like to mention here is the Wii U’s length. You might have seen the front of the console looking slender and round. During the demo someone had mentioned the units being used and its length. After overhearing this I went to take a glimpse at the Wii U console itself.

The plastic of the booth hid the rest of the console back into the kiosk. It looked to be about a foot in length, the last quarter of which was hidden. After looking over the official specs, the device drops in at 10.5 inches, which is a bit smaller compared to the Wii’s 8.8-inch deep frame. I found this strikingly odd and seems like this won’t be changing during the final creation process.

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