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Published on June 4th, 2012 | by Jessica Green, Contributor

E3: Microsoft 2012 Press Conference Overview

Microsoft officially kicked off the Electronic Entertainment Expo with their press conference this morning. Not only were Xbox 360 fans treated with a slew of trailers and gameplay footage from highly anticipated titles, but they got a taste of how Microsoft is attempting to transform digital entertainment using the Kinect.

The briefing started out strongly with the return of Master Chief. A UNSC live-action trailer led into a digital trailer that eventually led into gameplay footage for the coveted Halo 4. Master Chief, the protagonist of the famous franchise, trekked through the jungle and encountered enemies which he proceeded to decimate with amazing weapons.

After being welcomed to E3 2012 by Don Mattrick and being told that the Xbox is the number one selling console worldwide, a surprise trailer begins. Ubisoft’s logo pops up and everyone begins to guess. The trailer turns out to be Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sam Fischer returns in this new installment which is also ultilizing the Kinect’s voice control to call shots directly to the battlefield. The gameplay footage was highly impressing as it showed “killing in motion”. The most ambitious Splinter Cell, Blacklist has single-player, co-op, and Spy versus Merc. It is tentatively due for a Spring 2013 release.

Next up was a Madden NFL and FIFA announcement. These huge sports, gaming franchises will now have Kinect connectivity allowing players to use voice commands to control their players on the field. Former Quarterback Joe Montana takes the stage to show off the voice controls. Sports fanatics and gamers will be able to get their hands on this on August 28th.

Gears of War Judgment was finally shown off as gamers wait for any more information on this prequel to the beloved franchise. Turns out that Baird, not Marcus, will be the protagonist for the game. This was one of the first and biggest surprises of this E3 as Baird is definitely one of the favorite characters from that series.

Other series that showed off amazing Gameplay footage was Resident Evil 6 (complete with lots of quick time events, button pressing), Wreckakteer (launches on Xbox LIVE this summer), Dance Central 3 (with a performance from R&B recording artist Usher), and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (which ended the press conference with lengthy gameplay footage). Trey Parker and Matt Stone also had a bit of time on the stage to talk a bit about the “South Park” RPG after a trailer was shown. Players will be a new kid in town as they struggle to make their selves cool.

Non-gaming related announcements from the conference included Nike Plus Kinect training which essentially turns your living room into a fitness training center using the Kinect. Also, Xbox smartglass was announced which connects all your devices (tablet, smartphone and television).

Don Mattrick took the stage towards the end of the conference to make a horrible pun that XBOX was “ushering” in a new era of digital entertainment. After the Kinect heavy conference of last year, this year’s conference was surprisingly better. Kinect showed up in nearly every aspect, but it was what gamers want from the Kinect – the ability to use it subtly in the games. The conference deserves a B-.  For more detailed information from the Microsoft press conference, stay tuned to GamingTruth.

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