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Published on June 4th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor


E3: Live Blog from the Sony Press Conference

Welcome to our live blog from the Sony Press Conference. If you found us, then GAMINGtruth's own Greg Bargas is nestled comfortably in his seat blogging from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena where the Sony event is taking place. Follow along and watch below for the news and thoughts as he ponders life and all things PlayStation.
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10:26 pm

Thanks for joining. See you tomorrow as we do the same from the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2012.

10:24 pm

The Last of Us. Truly epic. That guy just got shot in the face point blank. Thank you Naughty

10:17 pm

March 12, 2013, you can rip brains from elephant beings in God of War.

10:08 pm

PlayStation Suite to bring games to Android and other mobile devices. They will come along with PlayStation certified devices.

9:59 pm

Augmented reality part of the Wonderbook development. Example was a paper theater shown on top from the spell book.

9:56 pm

Book of Spells will be first title for Wonderbook. J.K. Rowling.

9:54 pm

Moonbot developing Diggs Nightcrawler for Wonderbook.

9:52 pm

PlayStation to introduce Wonderbook

9:50 pm

There are 250 PSMove games? Well, Bioshock Infinate and Epic Mickey 2 will be included.

9:47 pm

Far Cry 3 multiplayer confirmed. Stealth seems just as important here.

9:45 pm

Assassins Creed III in the see? So. Take it to the house, especially with the ACIII bundle. Includes console, game and DLC.

9:38 pm

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation built specifically for Vita. Will feature a female main character.When played on both, unlockables available. Crystal white Vita part of that bundle.

9:34 pm

Tomb Raider and FFVII coming to PSN under classics.

9:32 pm

12 free games coming to PlayStation plus. It starts tomorrow and games like infamous and Saints Row 2 featured.

9:29 pm

Vita becomes a dual screen controller for Little Big Planet. Dlc for this will also include more in game content.

9:28 pm

Two new characters are: Nathan Drake and ….Big Daddy

9:26 pm

Super Moves can be leveled up during the match in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. It will be interesting to see if they will become overpowered or exploited.

9:21 pm

I’m cheers ing to Michael right now. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal just might pull me from Smash Bros. PlayStation 3 and Vita cross play.

9:15 pm

A new contender in sci fi horror? Or is this just another murder mystery?

9:12 pm

Who will play Jodie Holmes? None other than Ellen Page.

9:11 pm

Beyond announced as new project from Heavy Rain dev.

6:59 pm

Only a few hours from starting. What are you looking forward to most?

6:56 pm

Are you getting as antsy as we are?

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