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Published on May 7th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Company of Heroes 2 Official

It is common to hear that a movie or game sequel is never as good as the original. From the looks of Company of Heroes 2, we can throw that theory right into the barrel of a Soviet tank and fire it off. Join the rest of your Russian army as you push the Nazi invaders back and shatter their proclaimed Operation Barbarossa efforts.

The game will be running on Relic’s Essence 3.0 Engine and looks to provide an exceptional experience. In this day and age of gaming there, even in strategy games, there is a need for graphic integrity and realism. The engine still looks to provide with at least that, particularly with destructive environments–which are becoming more common in all types of games.

Greg Wilson, Producer at Relic Entertainment commented, “Company of Heroes 2 is a true successor, introducing a new front, new protagonists and new technology while retaining the unique mix of strategic gameplay and competitive multiplayer that made the original Company of Heroes such a success.

The press release also boasted the Metascore for the original at 93% and also stated that it “…is currently the highest rated strategy title on (with more than five reviews) with an average of 93.82% based on 56 reviews.” Regardless of how the original did, it will still have to defeat the law of sequels in order to reach the same status.

*Company of Heroes 2 is set to release on PC early 2013. This also means that we should be seeing something from the THQ camp in regards to the title at E3 2012.

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