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Published on May 2nd, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Toy Soldiers Cold War DLC Review

Developer: Signal Studios
Release Date: April 25, 2012
Price: 400 Microsoft Points individually

Toy Soldiers brings two of my favorite pastimes together in a video game: playing with action figures and destroying things. Granted, I don’t get to enjoy the glee and joy of Wolverine taking on G.I. Joe like he did in my younger years, but the franchise does bring to life a world of war straight out of the toy box.

Toy Soldiers Cold War released only last August, but it was harder hitting title than its predecessor. The original was by no means a bad game. It rocked our socks here at GAMINGtruth, something which Toy Soldiers Cold War also did–just with a little more umph.

The downloadable content spilled on to the Xbox LIVE marketplace April 25, 2012, just a day after the original Toy Soldiers saw PC time as it released onto Steam. It also saw a price reduction to 800 MS Points ($10) on the XBLA (oh yeah, it’s worth it).

The content adds three levels to the Soviet side of things in Evil Empire, and then again while pitted in the jungles of Vietnam for Napalm. Take on these terrains with the newly introduced Super Hormone helo.

In Evil Empire we get a taste of a few mixed maps. The first map, Arms Race, breaks our hides in for the ride. The other two levels, Tides of Change and Proletarian Defense, are just what you would expect out challenging content. Tides of Change brings on a shoreline of unloading enemies whereas Proletarian Defense is an ice storm of landscape and bullets.

In Napalm, we get more variations in levels and layouts. The level Trailblazer houses your toy box at the top of a hill with all paths leading straight to the top to meet a mound of turrets. Designs like that of Knee Deep, which is a roundabout view of your toy box, showcase the thought Signal Studios put into creating such mayhem. This leaves three separate openings for enemies to attack and will leave you scurrying to fix turrets, land the Attack Helo delicately, and ensure that all corners are covered.

The last of which is in a city setting where we are introduced to built-to-last heavy hitters like thr Laser Tank. The first time taking on these tough-as-nails rigs left me restarting the level. After a few attempts, it was business as usual. This is also one area where the game becomes truly satisfying and well worth the battle multitasking. After a Stage 1, 2, and 3 of the boss battle for the Super Tank–I almost put down the controller for a break. The Final Round hit and I wasn’t quite sure if I could hang in there–but–down went the beast.

The DLC has a lot of value to it. While the campaign delivers six additional levels, the other portions of it are just as satisfying. Both series of levels have a nice boss battle at the end. Did I say nice? I meant challenging—which is a good thing considering the varying levels of difficulty. The additional levels come with added multiplayer and survival levels. So, for dropping 400 points on at least one of these will stretch your dollar and gameplay time.

Although there were plenty of challenges and additional play, the DLC content itself was plagued by bugs. After playing through the first Toy Soldiers, it was dissatisfying to see this Cold War DLC littered with errors. It wouldn’t have been such a detriment to the game if they pop up in such crucial areas.

As seen here, this tank mishap occurred while I was replaying a level and doing things better than I had the previous go around. Other bugs included such things as my Attack Helo falling through the charging platform and not being able to highlight and select it again with the cursor.

There were also a few issues when selecting turrets. I found myself hovering in every which direction during heavy fire to try and fix my injured mortars and machine guns—only to have them blown up because I couldn’t. Other times it was the frame rate dropping to a sluggish ensemble. It didn’t seem like the Signal Studios touch of finesse that we’ve been previously introduced to.

Final Truth:

Toy Soldiers Cold War was a hard-hitting additive to the series. It brought on a Rambo lookalike called the Commando who could mow down choppers at the drop of a bandanna. The expansion to the series brings on the same amount of explosiveness. There are six additional levels in the campaign, and two new levels for survival, and a nice array of extras–which include some pretty badass weaponry.

Even with the game hindering a bit from bugs and frame rate dips–there is no reason not to cross this thin red line into action.

There is enough content here to vouch for the 800 MS Point price tag (400 MS Points individually). I feel like both hit about the same amount of value and would be best to drop the bills for both. Heck, if you don’t have the points to grab this dlc–I’ll buy it for you. Well, if you’ve got a good enough reason–just maybe.

[xrr label=”Rating: 7.75/10″ rating=7.75/10]

+ Value added content
+ Levels
+ Achievements
+/- Buggy
Frame rate dips

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