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Published on April 24th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Toy Soldiers Coming to PC, DLC Announced

After watching Signal Studios fire off a few tidbits of info earlier on Twitter, I could tell that something was in the works. Although the tweets lead us to believe that the news was far off in the distant future, my inbox dictated otherwise. The news was well worth the short wait as we’ve got a few packs heading in for a clear landing.

On April 24th Toy Soldiers will be heading to PC via Steam and Windows LIVE Marketplace. All of the measured down mayhem will inhabit your PC just as it did on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, especially with The Kaiser’s Battle and Invasion! DLC included in the USD 9.99 retail. If you grab the game within its first week of launch there will also be a 25 percent discount. Literally, this adds more bang for your buck. The Xbox LIVE Arcade version will also see a drop to 800 MS Points.

That is definitely not all of the good news. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is also receiving some DLC love. Kicking off on April 25th, the newly announced content titled “Napalm” and “Evil Empire” will surely boast the same quality that we’ve already seen throughout the series thus far. This time around you will be going to war strapped with your Russian army pitted against the Americans in Evil Empire. In Napalm players will take the role of the Americans in Vietnam. Ah, the joys of playing with fire.

“We’re delighted to have Evil Empire and Napalm going live,” said Jason Ilano, Game Director for Toy Soldiers: Cold War at Signal Studios. “As a thank you to our fans, we are releasing a Multiplayer DLC compatibility pack for free. This will give them a chance to join matches hosted by players that have the new content, play it, and decide if it is for them.”

Evil Empire

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