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The Splatters Review

Developer: SpikySnail
Price: 800 Microsoft Points ($10)
Release Date: April 11, 2012
Platform:Xbox 360

My brother would play The Splatters perfectly. It may be because he’s a builder, giving him a better edge when it comes to angles and physics. But for someone like me, this physics-based game was quite tough, but for the wrong reason.

The point of The Splatters is to fling blobs around different stages to eradicate tiny bombs. To do this you have to splatter your blob so the liquid inside his slimy body can cover, and then explode, the bombs.

This is simple enough as the controls are fluid, and tutorial videos lead you every step of the way as you learn new things you can do with your little color-coded blobs (blue blobs can only eradicate blue bombs).

Using the blob is quite fun: the ‘A’ button launches them, while tapping it again changes direction in midair (all while aiming with the analog stick). Double-taps allow for a missile like reaction where your blob charges in a direction with great speed, but sacrifices how far your blob’s innards will fly.

Another move, the flip, allows the blobs to go backwards and then forwards to fling across a stage or spill their juices completely over a stack of bombs. It takes some getting used to the move, but the momentum shifter comes in handy. It’s especially slick, and useful, to use on curved surfaces to build up a crazy amount of speed to shoot across the stage.

These moves are called stunts, and the more they are used the more your combo meter fills. This timed meter allows for more points that go towards scoring three stars on a level. It keeps things hectic and frantic as you go for a higher and higher score each time.

What kills the puzzler from perfection is the amount of trial and error involved. Often times I’d find myself doing everything perfectly only to be left with yet another round of trying to splat all over again. It was frustrating as it often meant that one bomb didn’t get blown up, or that one bomb shot off into some asinine part of the map.

The only other cause for concern in the game is the lack of levels. It would have been nice to have a wider variety of stages to splat in. There are, however, three modes worth of game to play.

The Become a Talent mode is essentially a tutorial; Combo Nation is all about building that combo counter; and Master Shot is centered on precise strategies and playing to complete what would be another game’s challenge mode.

Final Truth:

The Splatters does something different in the physics-based puzzle genre, but I couldn’t help but get frustrated by it in larger doses. It’s not terribly tough, but sometimes there’s a bit too much trial and error that is out of your control. The game is simple, and the lack of stages gets boring quickly, but it’s a nice breath of fresh air from other titles-albeit briefly.

[xrr label=”Rating: 6/10″ rating=6/10]

+ A different kind of puzzle game
+ Simple controls
Too much trial and error
Lack of levels


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