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Published on April 16th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Rumor Patrol: Apple to Unveil Its First Gaming Console in 2012?

Very recently it was reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook paid Valve, famous for the Half-Life and Portal franchises of games, a little visit. For some time now people have speculated on a possible Apple branded gaming console, and this little tidbit of news sent gamers of all kinds into a speculation frenzy. The primary belief is of course that Apple is looking into joining the console race.

Apple enthusiast website, Cult of Mac, has gotten word that the company plans on shifting focus toward the living room. According to the site, Apple is working on an HDTV integrated with key services similar to iTunes and Siri. The set will come equipped with a set-top box that will incorporate “Kinect-like” controls for use with video games. The site said that the system will ”¬†rely on motion and touch controls, possibly through a touch screen remote that will come with the TV.”

So why visit Valve? We believe that Apple may either be hunting for some advice on how to design the system to be as gamer friendly as possible. Another possibility is that Apple wants to incorporate a Steam-like service and is getting pointers. Our third theory is that Valve and Apple are looking to join forces to either bring Steam, Valve’s digital distribution software, to the system, or perhaps even roll the device out as a Steam Box, something we have heard about before.

However, at the moment all that we have are ideas, rumors and speculation. It will be interesting to see if there is enough room in the video game market for another contender. One thing is for certain, though. If Apple–or Apple and Valve–decides to join the console race, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have quite a battle on their hands. Apple has a strong fan base that would no doubt follow and strongly support their favorite company. And Apple isn’t really a company known for pulling its punches; the current contenders will have a hell of a fight ahead of them if Apple decides to put up its dukes.

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