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Published on April 14th, 2012 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

Frankie Palmeri of Emmure Talks With GAMINGtruth

WARNING: Much like a kick ass Emmure album, this interview contains graphic language.

One of the biggest acts in metal music, Emmure has been destroying listeners ears with their down-tuned style of metal for the past nine years. Lead singer Frankie Palmeri has been there since its inception, and it is well known that he is a video game fan. He recently took the time to do an interview with GAMINGtruth.com to talk about the new album, gaming and more. Enjoy!

GAMINGtruth:  First, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Your last two albums, Speaker of the Dead, and the recently released Slave to the Game have had heavy video game influences whereas the first three albums didn’t so much. What made you decide to start writing more about the gaming side of your life?

Frankie Palmeri: I wouldn’t call it the “gaming” side of my life. I like to think that all that encompasses me as a person is what I put into the music. My passion for Street Fighter or games in general…really reflects more of my outlook on myself and I basically use that as a medium or avenue for me to express how I feel. It’s sorta became a natural progression for me to seek out new ways to attach myself to the music.

GT: How do you feel the modern Street Fighter games compare to the arcade ones?

FP: I think that the new adaptations are awesome. It was really interesting to see Street Fighter kinda breathe new life into the gaming world. Especially being someone who’s been playing the game for at least 20 years. I thought it was incredible to see young kids getting into something that I was a child was completely fanatic about. How they compare though…is a hard stretch. Nothing will ever beat the SF2CE “RAINBOW” (Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition) arcade versions. Broken games with unconventional air hadokens and mid air psycho crushers…what I would give for one one of those broken machines!

GT: I know you are strictly Shadaloo, so who wins in a fight, Bison or Sagat, and why?

FP: Cmon dude…Bison obviously. No one can withstand his psycho power.

GT: Do you bring a gaming console/handheld on the road with you?

FP: Yeah I always have some kind of portable game thing on me especially since no one else in my band plays games anyways. I just recently bought a PSVita and I must say I am really impressed with it. I have owned almost all and any portable platform you could have I think. The one you will see me pulling out of my pocket more often than not is my Neo Geo Pocket…I fucking love that thing.

GT: So does anyone else in Emmure play video games?

FP: Nah…well…sorta…but…no. Mark, my bass player, kinda plays games…I think…like Zelda on Wii and stuff. My guitar player Mike is into computer games like Star Craft 2, but I know for certain my drummer Mark Castillo plays Call Of Duty. He loves that shit, but it’s literally the only thing he will play.

GT: We all know that you are a Street Fighter/Marvel vs Capcom fan, but do you play any other style of games?

FP: Yeah I am big RPG fan and I like sports games and shmups like Raiden 2 and shit like that.

 GT:  Slave to the Game just dropped on April 10th, and I think it’s probably your best album yet, especially with the addition of Mark Castillo on drums. How has the fan reaction been so far?

FP: So far so good I suppose. We are really blessed and lucky that people are still supporting us in what we do and thankfully we do have an amazing new drummer like Mark Castillo to back us up in our venture towards bigger and better things.

GT: What’s the worst game you have ever played, and why did you hate it?

FP: Holy shit…ya know…I have played my fair share of terrible games. I am having a hard time picking my brain for a number one terrible game. I have even played E.T. for Atari and to be honest I didnt think it was THAT bad. I might give the worst game of all time title to Time Killers. That really really really shit fighting game. It was innovative for sure because you could lose an arm or leg but holy hell fucking shit is that game terrible in every way. I am still on a quest to play even more terrible games, but that one comes to mind as (a) complete total nightmare.

GT: Thanks for taking the time to talk with GAMINGtruth.com. Any last words?

FP: Big shout out and thank you to GAMINGtruth.com for the interview and to anyone out there who’s reading thanks so much! All the best.

Be sure to check out Emmure’s latest album Slave to the Game in stores town. Follow Frankie on twitter @FrankiePalmeri and on instagram @FrankiePalmeri.

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