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Published on April 9th, 2012 | by Jessica Green, Contributor

Assassin’s Creed III Showcased at PAX East 2012

While a playable Assassin’s Creed III demo was unfortunately absent from the PAX East 2012 show floor in Boston, a mysterious black half-cylinder with the games logo was huge talk on the show floor. What was in there? Any fan would want to wait to experience anything having to do with Ubisoft’s legendary franchise.

Upon entering the theater, spectators were transported back to the days of the American Revolutionary War; crates were substitutes for chairs; the walls and floor were “stone” (note: not real stone). Relics of a critical time in American history lined the walls such as ancient rifles and the Betsy Ross American flag. Quickly, the gameplay footage and commentary begin to run. The audience got more information on our new lead assassin, Ratohnhaké:ton (or Connor, because, really, who can pronounce his real name?), a half-white, half-Native American who duel-wields pistols and has an affinity for swinging a tomahawk.

The footage the audience was treated to showcased the historical battle of Bunker Hill. Connor was right in the thick of it, navigating through masses of deceased Red Coats in search for his Templar target. Ubisoft rebuilt the animation from the ground up and it shows in every movement. This is not Altair or Ezio, the movement is Connor and Connor’s alone.

Traversal through trees was a key point of the footage. Trees were developed in the game to be believable, along with realistic methods of climbing to new heights–a major element of the Assassin’s Creed world. Connor leaps between the trees nimbly and brutally assassinates Red Coats beneath him with a nifty little weapon called the Rope Dart, a range weapon that impales enemies and can even dangle them from trees. Combat was incredibly interesting to watch. There was a sense of rawness to the way Connor fights that you would except from the predatory nature the AC3 team is trying to portray.

A bit of stealth was showcased near the tail end of the footage. Connor will automatically transition into stealth when a player moves slowly through thickets of bushes or anywhere stealth would be necessary. The demo was brought to a finale as Connor erupted from the bushes, slayed any Red Coat standing in his way, and assassinated his target.

October 30, 2012 is the current release date for the game and this amazing footage did a good job of exciting fans. It did such a good job that the pre-order line for the game rivaled the line to watch the footage. Quickly, there were dual lines wrapping the AC3 booth during the height of Saturday at PAX. Obviously, no photos or videos were permitted inside the theater so you will only have your imaginations until the footage is released for the world to see.

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