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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

PAX East: Ms. Splosion Man Coming to Steam and Wherever You Go

Ms. Spolosion Man hit the Xbox LIVE Arcade with a bang. The game kept that same Twisted Pixel style that we’ve grown familiar with and it also expanded on the ‘Splosion series. The team has also partnered with Iron Galaxy, Fire Hose and Panic Button studios to get this game rolling on all platforms.

The title is currently in the works, but if you will be attending PAX East this weekend, then you will have the opportunity to get some hands on iOS time with an early build for the iPad. Ka-BooM!

The PC version of the game will include 50 single player levels and match that same number in co-op levels. This also includes local co-op and online modes. The iOS and Windows 7 Phone versions of the game will be built specific to those devices. This does also expand Twisted Pixels’ profile of games. It is the company’s first mobile game and only its second Steam title.

But it’s very important to us that we have great content on these high-end platforms, so these new versions are being painstakingly crafted to be as awesome as possible. We’re planning a lot of post-launch updates and support to make sure we get it right.”-Twisted Pixel’s Michael Wilford.

Just because a company deviates from a common platform doesn’t mean that they are less quality games. Don’t get it twisted, now.

*Ms. Splosion Man will be hitting Steam, Games For Windows, Windows Phone 7, iPhone and iPad’s Summer 2012.

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