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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Shadowrun Returns With a Kickstarter Campaign

Shoot straight. Conserve ammo. And never, EVER cut a deal with a dragon.

Good news, Genesis, Super Nintendo or tabletop Shadowrun fans, Shadowrun is making a big comeback and, thanks to be, Flying Spaghetti Monster, it will not be an online shooter.

Small developer Harebrained Schemes has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an “old school” Shadowrun game which, according to the studio, means “staying true to the source material, creating a deep story that unfolds in interesting ways and designing gameplay that rewards thinking and experimentation.”

The studio said it won’t simply focus on fans of the tabletop game or the video games, but instead “introduce new players to a dynamic gaming universe with a rich history that’s just waiting to be explored.”

Jordan Weisman, original creator of Shadowrun, is partnering up with FASA Shadowrun game developers Mitch Gitelman and Mike Mulvihill, as well as many others, will craft a new story that begins with the return of magic on Dec. 21, 2012. As magic returns to the Earth so do the Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and the Great Dragon, awoken after a 5,200 yearlong hibernation.

Players will once again become Shadowrunners, fighting through the streets as one of four classes: Street Samurai, Combat Mages, Hackers/Deckers and Shaman.

It’s hard to deny the unique opportunity small developers have with Kickstarter. Last month Double Fine made Kickstarter history by netting over $3 million for its upcoming adventure title. As an old school Shadowrun fan, I really hope to see a similar result for Harebrained. And so far things look good. The campaign has already hit around $270,000 as of this writing, and it has until April 24 to reach its goal of $400,000.

Like with Double Fine, contributors will the receive an award based on the amount of the donation. At $15 they will receive the Shadowrun Returns game as a digital download, DRM free for PC. At $60 donators receive the game plus free T-shirt and in-game items. The rewards go all the way to $10,000, in which donators will be able to have lunch with the development team, and Mike Mulvihill will personally host a Shadowrun tabletop game for the donator and friends.

For more detailed information go to the official Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter page.

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