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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

EA: The Worst Company in The World?

After over 250,000 votes, Internet users have nominated EA as the worst company in the world in 2012 during a hectic contest held by The Consumerist.

EA remarkably ousts Bank of America, 64.05 percent to 35.97 percent, for the top spot after beating out AT&T, Sony, Comcast and Best Buy. The Consumerist had this to say about EA’s “victory”:

Whether it’s on a console, a PC, a smartphone or tablet, hundreds of millions of people play video games every day … Now, after years of being ignored and relegated to steerage, game-players have voted to send a message to Electronic Arts and the gaming business as a whole: Stop treating your loyal customers like crap.

Ouch. The Consumerist lists many items that have angered gamers over the years including holding back game content to charge users for later and shipping incomplete games.

EA will receive the coveted Golden Poo, in which, The Consumerist said, is usually delivered on a red pillow, however “this year, we’ll give EA three different color options for its pillow, though in the end it’s still the same old Poo.” How nice of them.

Speaking to Kotaku, EA Senior Director of Corporate Communications John Reseburg said:

We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren’t nominated this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.

To be honest, I have a small beef with EA just like everyone else. However, Bank of America is a company that has settled allegations of fraud, illegally forclosed on the homes of active service members, and obstructed justice, just to name a few. Walmart has been accused of running small retailers out of business. Has EA done some things that have rightfully caused fan backlash? You betcha. But the company doesn’t hold a candle to some of the others that it apparently defeated.

The real reason for EA’s win is obvious. EA is the owner of BioWare, the company that employs the people who wrote the highly controversial Mass Effect 3 ending. Since all the voting took place online, it isn’t out of the realm of belief that thousands of still pissed off gamers submitted votes for EA like a bitching, fire-breathing storm, dead set on making sure everyone is convinced to hate EA just as they do.

At least that’s my theory. What do you think?

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