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Published on March 30th, 2012 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

Top 5 Wii Games You (Probably) Didn’t Play

The Nintendo Wii has been an interesting system. It lacks the graphical prowess of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and with no solid online functionality, many gamers kicked it to the way side while Grandmas used it for rehabilitating shoulder injuries. However, while my PS3 and Xbox 360 have continued to break on me, I’d pick up my Wii and see what I could find. This is the Top 5 Wii Games You (Probably) Didn’t Play.

5. Obscure: The Aftermath

It’s no secret that I am a fan of survival horror games, but the genre has been dying slowly lately. While the PlayStation, Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 were filled with them, it seems that most companies have shifted more towards horror action games. Obscure: The Aftermath is a traditional survival horror game, and is a real treat for fans of the genre. Picking up where Obscure left off, Obscure: The Aftermath follows the high school students, now in college, and a science experiment gone very wrong. Nice graphics, co-op story mode, an excellent musical score and cool boss battles make this game a real treat. The story feels like a B-horror movie, and I enjoyed that.

4. Deadly Creatures

I can honestly say that I have never played a game like Deadly Creatures, and I probably never will again. You play as a scorpion and a tarantula battling other insects and creatures in epic battles with a plethora of moves at your disposal. The real kicker of the game is the story though, because it’s about two humans who are looking for gold that was allegedly buried during the American Civil War. You hear their dialogue and occasionally have interactions with them as you progress through the game in your bug state. It’s a really interesting experiment, and it’s pulled off about as well as it could have been. A very fun, but slightly short game.

3. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

Tenchu was a huge series on the PlayStation, but too many watered down sequels made it lose its luster. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins was a well done game however, with a heavy emphasis on stealth. So much in fact, that if you got caught by a guard you would be sent to the start of the area. That did affect the difficulty, but not enough to make it a bad game. Solid graphics and varied attacks make for a very fun ninja experience. The game was linear, but the variety of ways you could address a situation made it worthwhile and fun. The inclusion of two characters with varied attacks added some variety to the game, making it a solid title.

2. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

Probably the most popular game on the list, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars received critical acclaim from publications, but the sales were disappointing. Basically the Wii version of Marvel vs Capcom, this game features fast team based fighting with outstanding graphics, crisp control and a solid online system. The main reason I feel this game was under the radar was because no one knew about “Tatsunoko.” In Japan, it was very popular, but US fans preferred characters they were more accustomed to. It’s a shame, because this is an excellent game with a colorful cast of characters and the traditional fighter on the system.

1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Not only is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories one of the best games on the Wii, but it’s probably one of my favorite games of the past few years. Probably the most mature story lined games ever, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is very different from past titles in the series. While somewhat a remake of the original Silent Hill, much has changed. There is no combat whatsoever in the game, which turned some players off. The game does so much more than that though, as it actually messes with your mind. It gets inside your thought process and exploits it by giving you a mental evaluation and asking you personal questions that affect the world the game creates. It is an awesome experience, and gives you a reason to do multiple playthroughs because your answers affect what happens in the game. Along with that, the main ending is amazing, and there are several “other” endings as well. Smooth graphics and great use of the Wiimote make this an excellent game that every adult Wii owner should own.

Feel free to point out any games I missed or games you disagree with in the comments below. I love to hear feedback on articles!

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