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Published on March 24th, 2012 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

3D Classics: Kid Icarus Review

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Nintendo

Price: $5.99 USD (through Nintendo eShop or Gamestop)

Kid Icarus for the NES was a classic game that stood out as one of the finest NES games ever made. However, the series faded into obscurity with only a Game Boy sequel in 1991, and it seemed like we would never see the main character Pit again. Super Smash Bros. Brawl thankfully changed that trend, and Pit was available as one of the fighters in game. Since then, fans have been yearning for a new entry in the Kid Icarus series, and have finally gotten their wish. Kid Icarus: Uprising is now in stores, but lets not look past the other new addition. The 3D Classics series has a revamped version of the original Kid Icarus, and it’s a fine display of why the 3D Classics library needs to continue to grow.

Kid Icarus is the story of a character named Pit who finds himself involved in a battle between the Goddess of Darkness, Medusa. Medusa has taken the Goddess of Light, Palutena, as a prisoner after defeating her, so Palutena sends Pit a bow and a quiver of arrows in hopes that the young angel will come and save her. Medusa has stolen and hidden three sacred items that Pit must find in order to progress and save the world. For 1987 standards, this is actually a decent back-story.

The graphics have been upgraded from the original version with new, crisp backgrounds. The color scheme is gorgeous, and it really breathes new life into this classic game. Besides the graphics and ability to customize controls, nothing else has changed. The sound effects remain in their 8-bit glory, and some of the music is really catchy. The gameplay is solid as well, but things do get a little rocky.

NES games were notorious for their extreme difficulty, and Kid Icarus is one of the reasons why it earned that reputation. This game is very difficult and you will die a lot. Enemies swarm you, some levels have you scaling upwards and if you miss a jump it’s an instant death, and you have very little life to begin with. Luckily, shops and black markets can be found to purchase more health and items, and the game does support a save feature at the start of each level. It is rather annoying to lose all your progress throughout the level, so it will take some patience. Another good thing is that the side-scrolling levels are a bit easier, as their aren’t as many death jumps to be dealt with.

Final Truth:

Despite it’s difficulty and somewhat dated game play, this is still an outstanding title to have in your virtual collection. The spruced up graphics really breathe life into this old gem. The game play may be difficult, but it does reward the gamer as this game features multiple endings. Although the world is buzzing about Kid Icarus: Uprising right now, don’t forget about this gem of a title available on the Nintendo eShop. 3D Classics: Kid Icarus should be on your Nintendo 3DS.

 [xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+ Redone graphics look amazing

+ Sound and game play are still solid 20+ years later

Difficulty is high and may intimidate some

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