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Published on March 16th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Rumor Patrol: Shenmue HD Exists, and Has Been Done For a Year

For some time now SEGA has been releasing HD ports of some of the world’s most beloved Dreamcast games, from Soul Calibur, to Crazy Taxi and to Sonic Adventure. Jet Set Radio is next in line to receive the HD treatment. One franchise that gamers have been clamoring for is, of course, Shenmue.

A SEGA source has recently told game site Gamerzines that an HD port of Shenmue is indeed heading over to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. In fact, the game has been finished for “well over a year.” The source revealed that not only is an HD port of Shenmue ready to go, but so is Shenmue II.

The site correctly asks why SEGA has been sitting on these games for so long now. According to the source, SEGA “chose to sit on their release until it had a clearer picture of the future for the Shenmue franchise, namely, whether or not Shenmue III would ever see the light of day.”

This last quote doesn’t really paint a very good picture for the possible release of Shenmue HD. However, there is a good chance that if the game gets released to positive sales, SEGA may allow series creator Yu Suzuki to finish the story, which left gamers hanging over a decade ago.

Rumors of an HD port of Shenmue began after a recent GDC interview with Ben Harborne revealed that SEGA “may be working on” the game.

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