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Published on March 16th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

First Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer “N7 Challenge Weekend” Begins

Starting tonight, March 16, at 5 p.m., and ending Monday at 5 a.m., is EA and BioWare’s first ever multiplayer N7 Challenge Weekend for Mass Effect 3. Players on PC and Xbox 360 will be given the chance to win a ton of awesome gear simply by playing the game online during the allotted time. Note: the multiplayer challenge is not available for PS3 owners.

The event is named “Operation Goliath” and players who take part in defeating a Reaper faction on Silver difficulty or higher will earn one Commendation Pack. Only one player has to survive to the end of the mission for the team to win. The pack will randomly reward players with one of the following: N7 Crusader Shotgun, N7 Eagle Pistol, N7 Hurricane SMG and N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle. These items are classified as “super rare” and will not be available through the purchase of Reinforcement Packs.

But that’s not all, if the multiplayer community manages to bag and tag a combined total of 1 million brutes during the challenge, every participating player will receive the Victory Pack as a reward. So don’t cower down when the brute is in town, lock and load and take it out as quickly as possible! Your brothers and sisters in arms are depending on it.

EA also sent out an image with some fancy multiplayer statistics to enjoy.

And now for the rules and instructions mumbo jumbo courtesy of EA:

**Please Note: All rewards will unlock on Tuesday, 3/20 at 5PM PST. You must redeem (open) your packs in the multiplayer store menu within 7-days of receiving. If you do not redeem these packs within the allotted 7-days, the packs will expire and cannot be restored. To participate, all players must enable the data tracking option in the game (options–> online–> upload gameplay feedback–> make sure it’s “ON”). If this is set to “OFF” your completion and/or contribution to the challenges will not be tracked and you will not receive any unlocks.

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