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Published on March 4th, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

In With the Old, Out With the New – Week 5

Here at GAMINGtruth.com, one thing we all love is retro games.  Majority of the staff has their own personal collections of games and systems and play them often.  We encourage our readers to step away from the new, just for a little bit, and go back to the games that made modern gaming possible.  However, the GAMINGtruth staff understands how difficult that could be sometimes.  Not everybody saved their older gaming consoles and, unless you score at a yard sale or thrift store, buying older consoles and games could be pricey.

However, developers have been re-releasing some of their classic games.  This time, you could play on the go, anytime you want.  No, it is not a Nintendo DS or a PlayStation Vita or PSP.  Surprisingly, a number of these classic games can be played on iOS devices.  Apple’s App Store has a number of retro games available at a cheaper price than you will find for the console version.

Ever week, GAMINGtruth.com will highlight one of these games no retro gamer, iOS device owner should not be without.

This week:

Midway Arcade


Words cannot describe the impact Midway had on the video game industry in the early ’80s. Today, a number of Midway’s arcade games are considered to be all-time classics. Midway has always marketed its classic arcade games and even remade some. Remember Rampage for the Nintendo 64? Midway’s arcade games have the perfect balance of fantasy, charm and simplicity that makes their games an enjoyable experience.

Midway’s arcade games on mobile devices are not anything new. Classics such as Joust have been available for number of different mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, and gaming devices. However, not all of Midway’s classics were released and the only way to play them was on major console through retail-released collections disc. This is not the case anymore.

Midway has recently released Midway Arcade onto iOS devices. Midway Arcade is a release of their greatest arcade games in an arcade environment. Much like Capcom Arcade (read about Capcom Arcade here), Midway Arcade offers some of their greatest arcade games available to play anywhere on the go. Available for $0.99 at the Apple App Store, Midway Arcade has six classic arcade games available with unlimited play. The six games include

Spy Hunter
Root Beer Tapper
Arch Rivals

There are two additional in game pack purchases available for $0.99 each to expand Midway’s classic library. Each pack offers three additional classic arcade games. The game packs are as follows:

Game Pack 1

Total Carnage

Game Pack 2

Gauntlet II
Wizard of Wor

In addition to the arcade games, Midway has made sure you have an arcade experience.  The game selection screen is a 3D arcade environment.  Coupled with its classic arcade games, Midway Arcade also includes staple arcade ticket games.  You can play Roll Ball, Air Hockey, Arcade Basketball, and Pool.  Earn tickets on these games to pick up some Midway inspired prizes at the prize wall.

Midway Arcade will bring take you back to the early ’80s and remind you have the time of feeding quarters to experience one of these games.  This application packs in an authentic arcade experience in the palm of your hands.  With unlimited play of six arcade classics, ticket games, ability to expand the arcade collection, and a prize wall Midway Arcade is an application any retro arcade gamer dreams about.

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