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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Hauppauge Announces HD PVR Gaming Recorder

Ever have that moment where something crazy happens and you wish someone else was around to see it? Particularly in gaming, it could be a triple kill from an impossibly thrown sticky, or a platforming run that took some major thumb-skills to produce. Whatever your game of choice, whether retro or new school, there is a device that can save these moments for ever-loving proof.

The Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming recorder allows for those moments to be caught and recorded to your PC. You might have seen the brand at a local retailer or online shop. It is less expensive than some of the other capture boxes out there (USD $199.99), and offers a quite a bit more than a Dazzler dongle. The only foreseeable problem would be connecting solely through component cables during the transfer. Viewing a game recorded in 720P still gives you an idea of what you can expect and can simply show off some of the major mechanics during gameplay.

Here are a few of the specifications to give you an idea of what you are working with:

HD PVR Gaming Edition Specifications

H.264 AVCHD video encoder
AC-3 audio encoding
Recording datarate: from 1 to 13.5 Mbits/sec (user selectable)
Recording format:
up to 1080i from component video (YCrCb or YPrPb)
NTSC: 720p60, 1080i60, 480i60, 480p60
PAL: 720p50, 1080i50, 576p50, 576i50, 480p50, 480i50
Note: the video input format determines the recorded format. For example, 1080i input records at 1080i, 720P records at 720P, etc. Any other format conversions needs to be done with the MediaConvert program (supplied).
NTSC or PAL supported
19.8cm wide x 17.3 cm deep x 7 cm high
5V at 2 amps
Input voltage of power supply provided: 110-220v at 50/60Hz
1 lb, 3 oz

Input and outputs
Component video input
Component video out (“passthrough”)
Left/ Right RCA audio input
Left/right audio output (“passthrough”)
Optical audio Input
Optical audio output (“passthrough”)
Composite video and S-Video inputs (on front panel)
Left/right audio input (on front panel)
USB2.0 High speed Device

PC systems requirements
Processor Requirements (minimum): Dual core CPU 2.0GHz or faster
Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows Vista or Windows XP service pack 2 (32-bit)
Graphics with 256MB memory (or greater)
Sound card
CD-ROM drive for installing the HD PVR software

Make sure to check out the Hauppauge Official Site for other details and ordering.

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