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Published on February 18th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Kid Icarus: Uprising ‘Sacred Treasures’ Trailer

In the original Kid Icarus, the three ‘Sacred Treasures’ were unlocked at the final chapter of the game. Pit had to call on these treasures in order to defeat the evil snake lady, Medusa. From the looks of the upcoming screens, we can see some similarities in the equipment that Pit is sporting.

It is hard to tell whether these items will stay the same in this version. The former inclusions were the Mirror Shield, Light Arrow, and the Wings of Pegasus. With the vast array of weaponry and items already at Pit’s disposal, it would be nostalgic to take the game back to its roots and give us the joy of these original treasures. The trailer shows them off in their 8-bit form and would be a cruel joke not to give us these same weapons.

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Make sure to check out the official Kid Icarus: Uprising website for the modes and gallery of weapons.

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