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Published on January 31st, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Darksiders Novel to Release Same Day as Darksiders II

The Darksiders universe is all about an Apocalypse gone wrong. The Four Horsemen embark on a quest to undo mankind’s final days, using huge weapons and the powers of Hell itself. Sounds like a perfectly good afternoon read, don’t you agree?

Published by Random House’s Del Rey, DARKSIDERS: THE ABOMINATION VAULT, written by author Ari Marmell, will be released in May 2012 coinciding with the release of Darksiders II. The book is a prequel, taking place millennia before the original game. In it, the Horsemen have discovered a plot to resurrect weapons of terrible power.

The author, Ari Marmell, has written several other books including The Conqueror’s Shadow, The Warlord’s Legacy, The Goblin Corps, Agents of Artifice, a Magic: the Gathering novel, Thief’s Covenant and False Covenant.

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