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Mario Party 9 Preview

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: March 11, 2012
Players: 1-4 Locally

Boss Battle’s in a Mario Party game? Get ready to grab your buddies and take on Bowser and his crew. Mario Party 8 released 2007, following up the Wii’s release in November 2006. After setting up the console with a nice segue for other titles, it gave us a little bit more Mario to kick off the console’s release. Now, we are in the last stretch of the console’s lifespan and yet again seeing another Super Mario Party title.

The dynamic of the game looks to be changing with a few key modifications. Players can now navigate the map on a single vehicle, looking to “streamline” the gameplay over the spaces. This is a change from the single dice rolls and one single player taking on the board’s spaces at a time. Mini games are playable in the Free Play mode and unlock other extras. The game is also looking like it got quite the upgrade in the graphics department, closely matching some of the other Mario titles in the franchise. It is quite noticeable in the mini game quality and the overall presentation in the map.

To collect mini-stars, adventure through 80 different mini games with up to four players locally–bringing more Mario for your party. After playing long battles with just one other person, I can see how this is a big improvement in keeping the game moving. At times, it almost became a chore to finish a single play through without others–or alcohol–involved.

Some familiar aspects include the mini game circuits, as well as collecting points to unlock various games and items. “Over here!” There is not much as to how the games are going to be set up other than mean Bowser and King Boo.

Game Board

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