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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Yes Bro, This Really is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Developer: Robomodo (Tony Hawk Ride series)
Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network
Release Date: Summer 2012
Online Multiplayer: Yes, but number of players TBD
Price: About $15

Some days I have nothing better to do than to go and grab a retro console to toy around with for a few hours. My habits mostly revolve around something that is in the process of an HD upgrade, or being re-released on the XBLA or PSN. It just so happened my most recent endeavor lead me down the path of Tony Hawk Pro Skater titles. It was either chance or fate that brought me here to this unification of retro games and skateboarding.

Ironically, I just put up my skateboard from taking a quick cruise around the neighborhood and couldn’t believe my inbox. The announcement of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will be a great way to kick off the summer. You know, instead of going outside and hurting yourself doing the real thing. While it’s great playing the games on classic consoles, or doing the tricks in real life, nothing beats a good lookin’ Hawk.

Here are a few of the Activision’s list of confirmed skaters:

Rodney Mullen
Nyjah Huston
Tony Hawk
Eric Koston

Chris Cole
Andrew Reynolds
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins (Pastrana)
Riley Hawk

These levels were also solicited from Twitter followers last summer by Mr. Hawk himself. The levels include classics such as the infamous Warehouse, School 2, and Mall. Also, we see the downhill jam feel of Phoenix and hopefully a helicopter takeoff in Hangar. Other Tony Hawk 2 stages include Marseilles and Venice Beach.

[nggallery id=616]

I’d also like to think that my most recent Twitter ranting’s played some part in this.

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