Published on January 10th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Rhythm Heaven Fever Teaser is a Pleaser

Stab the pea, now stab the pea. And, see-saw, see-saw. These might not sound like typical commands that would show up in a game’s main storyline, but Rhythm Heaven Fever after all isn’t your typical video game series. Strung together with quirky songs and gameplay, these beats could make the grouchiest of players tap their feet.

After seeing the game in still early stages at E3, judging by the crowds gathered around the characters on screen sliding off an airplane, there is a weird draw to these crazy happenings.

The game promises a new addition to the Rhythm Heaven family while featuring all new games. Players of the DS version might note the familiar characters. There are also over 50 mini-games to slice’n’dice to. A second player can also jump in on the action of a few mini-games. Players can also look forward to perfecting their craft by earning medals and unlocking some toe-tapping bonus content. And, paddle the shuttlecock and paddle the shuttlecock.

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