Published on January 5th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Yu Suzuki Says he can Obtain the License to Make Shenmue III from SEGA

I got to give Shenmue props. Even after all these years, it still refuses to be a dead horse, despite fate deeming it so.

Let’s get past the obvious part first: everyone who has ever played Shenmue and Shenmue II still demand Shenmue III, the end of the series, even though it has been over a decade since SEGA shelved the project.

And who could blame them? I myself loved the series and the day I learned that Shenmue was a story I may never finish was one of the most disappointing moments in my entire gaming career. For years I was one with the angry pitchfork-wielding mob that stormed the SEGA offices demanding satisfaction. But as time wore on I eventually let it go and move on. Some things are just not meant to be. Some of the most faithful to the cause, however, refused to submit. There are people out there who still want Shenmue III to be made and, according to a lengthy interview with the Shenmue Master fansite, so does series creator Yu Suzuki.

Suzuki said that he believes his studio could in fact obtain the rights to develop Shenmue III from SEGA.

Shenmue‘s license is an IP that belongs to SEGA,” Suzuki said in the interview. “We can obtain the license from SEGA.”

If SEGA grants Suzuki’s request, there is a good chance that we may someday finally play Shenmue III. I certainly hope he can pull it off. Ten years is long enough to wait.

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