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Published on December 23rd, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition ‘Holiday Sizzle’ Trailer

Ah, the Holidays. In this time of family and joy there’s nothing like good food and curling up next to a cozy fire. Having a relative kiss the sole of your hi-top power dunking shoe is also appropriate etiquette for these wondrous days of winter celebration. Well, it may not be to the rest of the world, but to the world of NBA JAM: On Fire Edition–it’s the bee’s knees.

If you checked out our prior review of NBA JAM: On Fire Edition, you might have noticed the new edition brought on quite a few newly added features. From some smokin’ hot online modes, to the mass amount of added unlockables, this game is pretty well smothered in JAM. Some of those features have recently started to become a little bit more relevant. The Santa Slammers are now selectable in game. How does jolly St. Nick celebrate Christmas? By stampin’ his size 11 boot on your forehead while he drives one straight to the hoop.

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