Published on December 22nd, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

SSX Gameplay Trailer Puts the ‘Nosey on the ‘Copter’

There are not many people who would willingly jump out of a moving helicopter. I mean, why would you go and jump out of perfectly good airborne vehicle at top speeds? I guess that is where those extreme sport types come into play. Of course, snowing or skiing allows you to briskly shoot down the mountain and observe mother nature in all of her beauty. Taking it to the next level would involve something like dropping open the hatch while you hover hundreds of feet above the Earth, strapped with nothing more than a flimsy nylon suit. Many of us will probably not ever get the chance, or want to for that matter, to do this in real life–but that’s where video games come in.

SSX has long been taking snowboarding to that next level simply by keeping it funky. This installment in the series has been prepped for quite some time, receiving its much anticipated upgrade in graphics and keeping its over the top tricks at its core.

One of the main focuses for the upcoming release of SSX is its use of real life environments. So, jumping out of the air and screaming to the ground at high speeds will get you one step closer to the real thing. No need to stand by the refrigerator with the doors wide open as you play any longer. These satellite snap shots are the real deal. Also, from the looks of the covers of both games, the PlayStation 3 version will host exclusive content of Mt. Fuji, Japan.

From the trailer we can see quite a few things. The traveling and launch from the helicopter, a few of the GUI indicators and of course, the moves.

Here are the characters seen in the trailer from first to last by appearance: Alex in the wingsuit, Tane bustin’ and gettin’ his tricky on, Elise grindin’ grindin’ and Moby giving us a little bit of some rewind action. Lastly, we see Eddie rockin’ the funky-fresh-puff-top sporting gear that he found left in his parents cabin from the ’80’s. To be honest, I haven’t been this excited about a snowboarding game since Cool Boarders 3.

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